1977 Obi-wan Kenobi With Double-telescoping Lightsaber

1977 Obi-wan Kenobi With Double-telescoping Lightsaber. I think it would take the. From $15. 26 $16. 95. I found this 1977 obi wan kenobi with a blue almost transparent looking double telescoping lightsaber. The lightsaber itself has an a or v on left side and the lightsaber has.

1977 Obi-wan Kenobi With Double-telescoping Lightsaber
from: starwarsfiguren.info

Die wertvollsten Star Wars Figuren – Star Wars Figuren

The saber has the same mechanism as the telescoping luke saber but with a blue color instead of yellow. These figures were only. It was produced by gmfgi (general mills fun group incorporated, the owner of kenner) in 1977, and is from the.

Saber has a letter hilt which reads ll on one side rev on the other. 4 years & up/approx. These were (apparently) only available on card.


1977 oldsmobile 442 for sale; Slasher imagines wattpad home depot peterborough. Enso village costs x quahog clams for sale. Vintage kenner 1977 star wars double telescoping ben(obi.

Hake's - "STAR WARS" - BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI" AFA LOOSE 70 EX+ (DOUBLE 1977 Obi-wan Kenobi With Double-telescoping Lightsaber
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Star Wars (1977) Original VHS: Obi-Wan Kenobi Strikes Vader (20th Century-Fox Video 1982)

“Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope” (1977) From my Extensive Collection of the Twentieth Fox Video Library. This is the aged old copy of "STAR WARS" (1977) on VHS. Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Pictures Rated-PG Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Action-Adventure Color Video Distributor 20th Century Fox Video (Side Slide in/out Drawer Case) Catalog #1130 Video Format: VHS It was the First Commercial Retail release by 20th Century-Fox Video from September 1982 of the Academy Award Winning "STAR WARS – EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE" (1977) from Lucas Films, LTD. and retailed at $79.99. These prices hurt the heck out of my Family’s…

Still in box in perfect condition!!!!

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On this retro showcase Dan takes a closer look at the rare double telescoping lightsaber Luke Skywalker from 1977s vintage Star Wars line. While not as rare as a double telescoping lightsaber Darth Vader or a rocket firing Boba Fett, this Luke Skywalker is still rare and a pretty cool piece of history. Follow Dan on Instagram. He posts lots of toy photos: instagram.com/toygalaxy twitter.com/toygalaxytv facebook.com/toygalaxytv twitch.tv/toygalaxy shop.spreadshirt.com/toygalaxy/

Extremely Rare Double Telescoping Star Wars Figures!


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1977 Obi-wan Kenobi With Double-telescoping Lightsaber.

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