38 Tubing Bead Roller

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38 Tubing Bead Roller. Mittler Bros. manufactures tubing bead roller equipment including powered bead rollers, rotary machines, manual bead rollers, industrial models and a wide range of bead rolls. With a single tool, create both sharp creases and soft curves along the edges of sheet metal. Also known as edge rollers, these tools slide back and forth along edges to create even.

38 Tubing Bead Roller
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A 38 tubing bead roller is a specialized tool designed for shaping and rolling metal. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications for creating precise bends and curves in metal for structural supports and other components. The 38 tubing bead roller is designed to provide a precise and consistent rolling process that can be used for a variety of metal thicknesses.

How Does a 38 Tubing Bead Roller Work?

A 38 tubing bead roller operates by using a series of dies that are set into a frame. The dies are arranged in a circular pattern, and the metal is fed through the dies. As the metal is fed through the dies, it is bent and rolled by the pressure of the dies. The dies are adjustable, allowing the user to create bends of various angles and degrees. The dies can also be adjusted to create curves and other shapes in the metal.

The 38 tubing bead roller is powered by an electric motor, which drives the dies around the metal. The motor is adjustable, allowing the user to adjust the speed and pressure of the rolling process. The dies can also be adjusted for different thicknesses of metal. This allows the user to create different shapes and bends in the metal without having to change out the dies.

The 38 tubing bead roller is an extremely versatile tool. It can be used to create bends and curves in metal for a variety of applications. It can be used for creating structural supports for buildings, pipelines, and other structures. It can also be used for creating decorative elements, such as railings and curving stairways. The 38 tubing bead roller is a reliable and efficient tool that can be used to create precise shapes and bends in metal.

Using a 38 tubing bead roller requires some knowledge and skill. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and to adjust the dies and motor speed accordingly. It is also important to use the right size dies for the thickness of the metal being rolled. The dies should also be lubricated regularly to ensure that the rolling process is smooth and precise.

In addition to following the instructions, it is important to wear the proper safety gear when operating a 38 tubing bead roller. Safety glasses and gloves should be worn at all times, and protective clothing should be worn when working with hot metal. It is also important to keep the area around the machine clear of debris and other hazards.

A 38 tubing bead roller is a powerful and versatile tool for creating precise shapes and bends in metal. It is an essential tool for commercial and industrial applications, and it can be used to create a variety of shapes and curves in metal. With the proper knowledge and safety precautions, the 38 tubing bead roller can be used to create precise and consistent bends and curves in metal.

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