60mm Telescope Tube Rings

Randall Edwards

60mm Telescope Tube Rings. That's a mount for a 60mm scope using two of them. They are screwed onto an aluminum bar from underneath (photo tripod size screw) and then bolted to the mount. My new 60mm tube rings – Classic Telescopes – Cloudy Nights. Cloudy Nights. → Equipment Discussions. → Classic Telescopes. CNers have asked about a.

60mm Telescope Tube Rings
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Telescope tube rings are an essential part of any telescope, providing a secure and stable mount for the device. 60mm telescope tube rings, in particular, are designed to accommodate telescopes that have a 60mm diameter tube. When choosing 60mm telescope tube rings, there are several factors to consider, such as construction, compatibility, and features.


The construction of a telescope tube ring is an important factor to consider when selecting a set. 60mm telescope tube rings are typically made from heavy-duty aluminum or plastic, and the material used should be strong enough to support the weight of the telescope. Additionally, the rings should be machined to a precise tolerance, ensuring that the telescope is securely mounted and can move smoothly.


It is also important to ensure that the 60mm telescope tube rings are compatible with the telescope itself. If the rings are not compatible, they may not fit securely onto the telescope, resulting in a loose connection. Therefore, it is important to check the compatibility of the rings and the telescope before making a purchase.


When shopping for 60mm telescope tube rings, it is important to look for features that can make the experience of using the telescope easier and more enjoyable. For example, some rings come with adjustable knobs or levers that allow the user to easily adjust the tension of the rings for a more secure fit. Additionally, some rings come with additional features, such as adjustable locknuts and bubble levels, which can help the user to make sure the telescope is mounted correctly.


When purchasing 60mm telescope tube rings, it is important to consider the construction, compatibility, and features of the rings. By taking these factors into account, it is possible to find a set of rings that will provide a secure and stable mount for the telescope and make the experience of using the telescope more enjoyable.

Don't Buy Telescope Tube Rings: Make It Yourself

Classic vintage refractor, or telescopes like ETX need tube rings if you want to use them without their original mounts. Here I have discovered a new way to use a cheap substitute for the tube rings that can attach any small to medium telescopes to a Vixen dovetail. This way you can use them on any modern mount like SkyTee-2 Alt Azimuth mount or GEMs and even do guided astrophotography! I use cable ties. In making this video I have used these…

It's a crazy thing to think that more 60mm refractors have been produced than any other OTA design, but no after market mounting rings are sold for these scopes. The. Astro-Physics 5.5” Mounting Rings for 130 StarFire GTX and 130 StarFire EDT/EDF refractors or other telescope tubes of 5.5” diameter SKU: 55RING2 Price: $411.00, 60mm Telescope Tube Rings.

Having received helpful feedback from forums and friends over the years, I felt it was time to give back to the online community to assist with making decisions when it comes to metal tubes. Furthermore, it is going to eliminate you from losing valuable time and cash - it’s the real reason I created this site - to help others make a promising choice.