Andromeda Galaxy Through 10 Inch Telescope

Randall Edwards

Andromeda Galaxy Through 10 Inch Telescope. The iconic Andromeda Galaxy, M31, looks like a diffuse ellipse of light crossed by dark dust lanes, and you’ll also be able to spot its two main satellite galaxies M110. The Andromeda galaxy – captured with an 11 inch telescope from the desert. This is an RGB image + some h alpha data. Captured in the Israeli desert (the Negev) Equipment:.

Andromeda Galaxy Through 10 Inch Telescope

The Andromeda Galaxy is an amazing celestial object to observe through a 10 inch telescope. Located approximately 2.5 million light years away from Earth, this galaxy is the closest spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way. As the most distant object visible to the naked eye, the Andromeda Galaxy is a fantastic target for amateur astronomers looking to explore the night sky.

Viewing the Andromeda Galaxy through a 10 inch telescope is an amazing experience. With the help of this telescope, you can easily see the bright core and the long spiral arms of the galaxy. When viewed through the telescope, the Andromeda Galaxy appears as a faint elongated smudge of light.

To get the most out of your viewing experience, it is important to have a clear night sky and a dark location away from city lights. Before observing, take the time to familiarize yourself with the sky, and then use a star chart to locate the Andromeda Galaxy.

Once you have located the Andromeda Galaxy, you can begin to observe. To get the best view of the galaxy, you will need to use a 10 inch telescope with a high magnification. It is also important to use a low power eyepiece and to make sure the telescope is properly aligned.

When viewing the Andromeda Galaxy through a 10 inch telescope, you can see a faint smudge of light with a bright core and two long spiral arms. With a bit of patience, you may also be able to make out the dust lanes in the spiral arms and even some of the brighter stars in the galaxy.

Exploring the night sky and observing the Andromeda Galaxy through a 10 inch telescope is a wonderful experience. With patience and practice, you can easily enjoy the beauty and majesty of this distant celestial object.

Andromeda Galaxy Live View through my 10'' Telescope

Captured Andromeda Galaxy M31 on a moonless, clear but light polluted Nightsky. Hope you enjoy! Music: Music: Gísli Gunnarsson – Lifeling ( Telescope: 10" f5 1200mm Mount: EQ-6 Cam: Sony A7s ©Visuals by Astromagazine

Andromeda Galaxy Live View through my 10'' Telescope Astromagazine 59.3K subscribers Subscribe 2.1M views 2 years ago Captured Andromeda Galaxy M31. Are we speaking about Andromeda (M31) Or Orion Nebnula (m42/43)? You can see both with your naked eye from a dark place so with 10dob you will see them even from a city.. Telescope: 10 inch (254 mm) Dobsonian Skywatcher Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6 Exposure: 1.0 s ISO: 6400 Apparent magnitude (V): 3.44 The Andromeda., Andromeda Galaxy Through 10 Inch Telescope.

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