Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678

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Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678. bushnell astronomical telescope model 78-4678 900mm focal length4.5" objective lensthis telescope belonged to a relative who i believe used it regularly. I HAVE HAD A LOOK. I'm new to astronomy and I'm awaiting delivery of a skywatcher 130 and sooo excited to get gazing. My mum however has just been given a bushnell 78-4678 (typical. Your Bushnell telescope can bring the wonders of the universe to your eyes. While this manual is intended to assist you in the set-up and basic use of this instrument, it does.

Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678
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The Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678 is a perfect telescope for those seeking an affordable and high-quality viewing experience. This telescope offers sharp and clear images of the night sky with its fully coated optics and large aperture. It has a 70mm objective lens, a 600mm focal length, and a 1.25″ eyepiece, making it great for viewing both deep sky and terrestrial objects. It also has an adjustable tripod and a single speed manual focus.

The Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678 comes with a Bak-4 prism that provides clear images, excellent detail, and true color. The eyepieces are fully multicoated and have a wide field of view. The telescope also features a 1.25″ star diagonal to provide comfortable viewing at any angle. The fully adjustable tripod and slow motion controls make it easy to track the night sky.

Setting up the Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678 is a simple process. First, assemble the tripod and attach the telescope to it. Then, attach the star diagonal and eyepiece. Finally, adjust the focuser and slow-motion controls to get the image you want.

Using the telescope is easy as well. Start by pointing the telescope towards the desired object. Then, adjust the slow-motion controls to find the object. Finally, use the focuser to bring the object into focus.

The Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678 is a great choice for beginning stargazers. It offers great image quality, ease of use, and an affordable price. With its fully adjustable tripod and slow-motion controls, it is perfect for tracking celestial objects. Plus, its 1.25″ star diagonal and multicoated eyepieces make it a great choice for terrestrial viewing as well.

The Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678 is the perfect telescope for those looking for an affordable and high-quality viewing experience. With its fully coated optics, adjustable tripod, and manual focus, it is perfect for viewing celestial and terrestrial objects. Setting up and using the telescope is easy, making it ideal for beginning stargazers.

Bushnell 78-3650

My dumpster telescope I recovered. Just waiting for clear weather to check it out. I eventually did get to look through it. The moon, Jupiter and Saturn. It went home with a friend I went to high school with.

The Bushnell Reflector Telescope is your window to the heavens! Get crisp, close-up images of the moon, planets, or any distant object! This is model 78-4678, and. Bushnell Spotting Scopes View & Download PDF Custom Spotting Scope 712060G View & Download PDF Digital 78-2100/78-2101 View & Download PDF Digital 78-7351 View &. This Bushnell Reflector Telescope is used and, although it's in very good condition, it does have a slight scuff on the top (see picture 2 above).It comes complete with Tripod, 1 x 5X., Bushnell Telescope Model 78 4678.

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