Cutting A Telescope Tube

Randall Edwards

Cutting A Telescope Tube. Of course, if your needed a 4 foot 3 inch tube and had to buy a 6 footer, you may want to cut it down to 5 foot as a working length and then reduce it to the final length after you test. Cutting your tube length by that amount means that the focal point of the objective is nowhere near where the eyepiece / camera will be which is why you can't.

Cutting A Telescope Tube

Cutting a telescope tube is a common task for anyone who is interested in constructing their own telescope. It is important to understand the proper steps and techniques in order to ensure a successful outcome. Here, we will discuss the basics of cutting a telescope tube.

The first step is to gather the necessary materials for the task. You will need a telescope tube, a saw, a drill, a measuring tape, and a marker. Additionally, you may want to use a jigsaw or band saw if the telescope tube is particularly thick.

Once you have all of the materials, start by measuring and marking the tube with your marker. Make sure to measure twice to ensure accuracy. It is important to make sure the lines are straight and even so that the tube will fit properly once it is cut.

Next, you will need to drill a hole in the tube. This will allow you to insert the saw blade and begin cutting. It is important to use the correct drill bit size to ensure a smooth, clean cut. Once the hole is drilled, insert the saw blade and begin cutting along the marked lines.

For best results, you should use a steady and even pressure as you cut. This will reduce the risk of making jagged cuts and help you achieve a better end result. If you are using a jigsaw or band saw, you may want to use a guide to ensure a straight cut.

Once you have finished cutting, it is important to inspect the edges for any jagged or uneven lines. If you find any, you can use a file or sandpaper to smooth them out. Finally, use a measuring tape to double check the measurements and make sure the tube is the right size.

Cutting a telescope tube is a relatively simple task, but it is important to follow the correct steps and techniques in order to ensure a successful outcome. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to achieve a perfect cut every time.

Cutting telescope mirror blanks out of a thick glass tabletop

In this video I cut seven telescope mirror blanks of various different diameters out of a thick glass tabletop. I used my Makita glass saw to cut wedges out of the round tabletop, then turned the wedge shaped pieces round on my Rigid wet saw. please visit for more information. Makita CC02R1 12V MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Tile/Glass Saw Kit

Telescopic Tubing. Telescopic tubes are perfect for applications requiring the different pieces of material to sleeve or expand inside one another. Our line of telescoping tubes. Day 8: Going Round in Circles Routing the hole for the top of the mirror box. Cutting neat, tidy circles in plywood. This is where a plunge router really shines. And. Aluminum Telescope Tubes. We offer a complete line of aluminum telescope tubing for those who wish to construct their own tube assemblies. Aluminum, contrary to what., Cutting A Telescope Tube.

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