How To Build A Wooden Telescope Tube

How To Build A Wooden Telescope Tube. I used 1/4 inch baltic birch plywood so I had to glue 3 parts to get a good support. I used standard hardware (hex bolts, wing nuts, nylon washers and screws,.

How To Build A Wooden Telescope Tube
surce: Thomas Jacquin Creations

Building a wooden telescope tube is an interesting and creative project that requires some basic tools and supplies. Follow these steps to construct your own telescope tube.

1. Begin by gathering your supplies. You will need a wooden dowel, a saw, a drill, wood glue, wood screws, sandpaper, wood stain, and a piece of thin plastic sheeting.

2. Cut the dowel to the desired length. This will be the length of the telescope tube. The diameter should be approximately 1 inch.

3. Use a drill to create two holes, one at each end of the dowel. The holes should be approximately 3/8 of an inch in diameter.

4. Apply a thin layer of wood glue around the circumference of the dowel. Place the plastic sheeting over the glue and press it firmly into place.

5. Once the glue has dried, use a saw to cut the dowel into two equal lengths. This will be the two halves of the telescope tube.

6. Sand down any rough edges or uneven surfaces. Then, apply a coat of wood stain for a more finished look.

7. Finally, use wood screws to attach the two halves of the telescope tube together. Use a drill to secure the screws in place. And that’s it! Your wooden telescope tube is now complete.

DIY Wooden Telescope TOY

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Build your own telescope part 2: the tube. by Thomas | posted in: Astronomy, DIY, Woodworking | 5. I recently completed the tube of my 8 inches telescope. For this., How To Build A Wooden Telescope Tube.

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