Imperial 1 4 Tubing Bender

Randall Edwards

Imperial 1 4 Tubing Bender.

Imperial 1 4 Tubing Bender

The imperial 1 4 tubing bender is an essential tool for any plumber or DIYer. It is used to bend copper, brass, or other metal pipes for various plumbing applications. This tool is easy to use and makes precise and even bends in pipes, allowing for a neat and professional finish.

To use the imperial 1 4 tubing bender, begin by measuring the length of tubing needed and mark it with a pen. Place the bender on the tubing and align the marks with the bender’s marks. Secure the tubing within the bender by tightening the screws on the sides.

Once the tubing is secure, position the bender at the desired angle and press down firmly. Slowly rotate the handle to the right and press down more firmly as you rotate. This will cause the tubing to take the desired shape. When the rotation is complete, loosen the screws to release the bent tubing from the bender.

To make multiple bends in the tubing, simply repeat the process for each bend. It is important to note that each bend should be done in the same direction to ensure a consistent bend radius throughout.

For best results, make sure to use the correct size bender for the tubing being bent. A bender that is too small may cause the tubing to kink, while a bender that is too large will not make the desired bend.

Using the imperial 1 4 tubing bender is a quick and easy way to make precise bends in pipes and tubing. With practice, you can make even the most complex bends with confidence.

Imperial 600 F Worm Gear Tube Bender Demo

Check out this precision Imperial worm gear bender for 1/4" to 3/4" O.D. aircraft grade stainless steel tubing (and all other metal tubing). 50-to-1 gear ratio & crank with revolving hand grip keeps effort at a minimum. Follow bar eliminates drawing action & keeps tube in virtually perfect round. Adjustable pressure roller. Enclosed gears. Clamp it in a vise, or bolt to bench or tripod.

, Imperial 1 4 Tubing Bender.

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