Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube

Randall Edwards

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Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube
surce: Astromart

The Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube is a popular choice among amateur astronomers. This telescope tube is lightweight and relatively easy to assemble and use. It is also affordable, making it an attractive option for those who are just starting out in astronomy.

The telescope tube is made of extruded fiberglass, which is a lightweight and durable material. It is designed to have a low profile, eliminating the need for a tripod. The tube measures 49 inches long and has a diameter of 4.5 inches. The telescope tube also features a lens cover and a dust cap.

The Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube is easy to set up and use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to assemble and use it:

  • Unpack the telescope tube and its components.
  • Attach the lens cover to the telescope tube.
  • Attach the dust cap to the telescope tube.
  • Position the telescope tube in its desired location.
  • Attach the finderscope to the telescope tube.
  • Attach the eyepiece to the telescope tube.
  • Focus the telescope tube.
  • Start stargazing!

The Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube is a great choice for amateur astronomers. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and use, and affordable. With its low profile design, it eliminates the need for a tripod. This telescope tube is a great way to explore the night sky and to observe celestial objects.

For those who are looking to purchase a telescope tube, the Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube is a great option. Its lightweight design and easy assembly make it ideal for amateur astronomers. With its low profile design, it is also an ideal choice for those who do not have a tripod.

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It's a fun scope since it takes just a couple of minutes to switch secondary mirrors and go from f/4 to f/15. Optical performance is pretty good, but I think I still need. Telescope Making Links – Supplies and Components. Where to buy the ATM stuff you will need. Wood. Apply Ply Plywood – Local distributor is Northern Jersey Reserve Supply, 2. I have a very nice Parks fiberglass tube suitable for a 16" mirror. This tube was originally designed for an f-4 cassegrain. I also have the protective shower cap and a form-fitting., Parks Fiberglass Telescope Tube.

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