Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube

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Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube. Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case 4.5-inch diameter tube Extends to 88 inches long Collapses to 47 inches in length for easy storage Holds up to eight 7-foot.

Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube
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The Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube is a convenient device for transporting and protecting long fishing rods. This tube is designed with a telescoping feature that allows for a variety of sizes and can hold up to 7 foot rods. The heavy-duty construction of the tube is designed for durability and comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

This tube is easy to use and requires no tools or assembly. To begin, simply open the tube and extend the telescoping sections. Once extended, the tube can easily accommodate rods of varying sizes.

When packing the tube, it is important to ensure that the rod is properly secured. Start by placing the reel end of the rod into the tube, followed by the handle. Secure the reel to the tube using the provided nylon straps and ensure that the rod is firmly in place.

Once the rod is secured, the tube can be closed and locked. The locking mechanism is a simple twist-lock system that is easy to use and provides a secure closure.

To transport the tube, simply attach the provided shoulder strap and carry it like a briefcase. The strap is adjustable and comfortable, making it easy to carry the tube for long distances.

The Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube is a great choice for anglers looking for a convenient and secure way to transport their fishing rods. With its telescoping feature and heavy-duty construction, this tube is designed to protect and securely transport your rods for years to come.

Plano Airliner Rod Tube Review and Tips

Took my first fishing vacation to Florida a week ago and purchased this rod tube to transport our rods. This model is a Plano Jumbo Airliner and so far I have been very happy with It. At $100 dollars this rod tube is affordable and convent for flying with luggage wheels and foam padding built into the tube which I show in the video. This Rod Tube extend to fit up to a 9ft one piece rod which is another thing that sold me on this model. Along…

Plano Airliner Adj Rod Tube is a rod case stretching to 88 inches in length-and measuring 47 inches, when collapsed. With a five-inch diameter, this Fishing Gear from Plano can. Plano Guide Series Jumbo Airliner Telescopic Rod Tube £149.99 £134.99 Sale Quantity Add to cart Your longest rods will be safe and secure in our lockable Guide Series™ Jumbo., Plano Jumbo Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube.

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