Rain Bird 1 4 Emitter Tubing

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Rain Bird 1 4 Emitter Tubing. Shop the Rain Bird Online Store to access expert knowledge and service. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Skip to Content . Support … Rain. Unique blend of polymers that give it the flexibility of vinyl with hold of poly. New textured finish improves handling. Self extracting coiling feature makes it easy to use, store and.

Rain Bird 1 4 Emitter Tubing
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Rain Bird 1/4″ emitter tubing is a flexible, small-diameter irrigation line with small, pre-installed emitters spaced along its length. It is used to deliver water slowly and evenly to the root zone of plants and shrubs. The tubing is made from a special blend of polyethylene that is both UV resistant and durable. It is designed to be used with Rain Bird’s 1/4″ barb-style emitters and is compatible with most Rain Bird drip irrigation products.


Rain Bird 1/4″ emitter tubing can be installed in a variety of ways. It can be laid directly on the ground, secured with garden staples, buried, or attached to a stake. When using the tubing with Rain Bird’s 1/4″ barb-style emitters, the emitters should be installed first. To install the emitters, simply insert the barb into the tubing and twist to secure. Once the emitters are in place, the tubing can be laid out according to the desired irrigation pattern.

For installations that require burying the tubing, a layer of mulch or soil should be placed over the tubing to protect it from sunlight and physical damage. The tubing should be buried at least two inches deep. For installations that require attaching the tubing to a stake, the stake should be firmly secured to the ground. The tubing should then be attached to the stake by looping it around the stake and securing it with a zip tie.

Once the tubing is in place, it should be connected to the water source using a filter, pressure regulator, and water supply line. The filter and pressure regulator are used to ensure that the water is clean and that the water pressure is at the desired level. The water supply line is then used to connect the filter and pressure regulator to the water source. Once the water supply line is connected, the tubing can be filled with water and the irrigation system can be tested.

Rain Bird 1/4″ emitter tubing is an effective and easy-to-use irrigation solution. It is designed to deliver water slowly and evenly to the root zone of plants and shrubs. When installed properly, it can provide many years of reliable irrigation performance. Whether you’re looking for an irrigation solution for a small garden or a large landscaped area, Rain Bird 1/4″ emitter tubing is a great choice.

Rain Bird Underground Emitter Tubing

Rain Bird introduces a new line of flexibile, underground emitter drip tubing that delivers water directly to plant roots, reducing water usage by up to 70%. The tubing is installed underground where it is hidden from view. The non-clogging emitters distribute water evenly, directly at the roots where the plants need it. Shop Rain Bird Online: store.rainbird.com/

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