Round Telescopic Plastic Packaging Tubes

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Round Telescopic Plastic Packaging Tubes. Manufacturer of clear plastic boxes and clamshells for packaging, as well as clear plastic packaging tubes, containers and mailing and shipping tubes. 1-800-949-1141. Menu. Products. Tube Containers. Shapes & Sizes … Round, square, rectangle & more; Over 20 styles of closures; Description. • twist lock mechanism holds contents securely in place • infinitely variable telescopic length adjustment • hexagon tube bottom prevents rolling Product Features •.

Round Telescopic Plastic Packaging Tubes

Round telescopic plastic packaging tubes are invaluable for packaging long, slender items such as spools of thread, fishing rods, and golf clubs. These tubes are made from durable plastic and can be used to store and transport fragile items. They come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to choose the right size tube for your needs.

When selecting a round telescopic plastic packaging tube, take into account the size of the item you need to package. The tube should be slightly larger than the item, so that it can be easily inserted and then easily removed. Also consider the thickness of the plastic and the length of the tube. Thicker plastic will provide more protection, while a longer tube will provide more space for the item.

To assemble the round telescopic packaging tube, start by measuring the length of the item you need to package. Subtract the length of the tube from the item’s length to determine the amount of slack you need. Then, cut the tube to the desired length. Next, insert the item into the tube and secure it with tape. Finally, slide the two ends of the tube together until the item is snugly secured.

When using round telescopic packaging tubes, there are a few extra steps you can take for extra protection. You can wrap the item in bubble wrap or foam padding before inserting it into the tube. This will help cushion the item and provide additional protection. You can also fill the tube with packing peanuts or other packing materials to provide further protection.

Finally, be sure to seal the tube with tape or glue. This will keep the item secure and prevent it from falling out. It will also help protect the item from moisture damage. Sealing the tube with tape or glue will also help keep it airtight, so the item stays fresh and undamaged during storage or transport.

Round telescopic plastic packaging tubes are an excellent way to safely store and transport fragile items. By selecting the right size tube, wrapping the item in additional padding, and sealing the tube with tape or glue, you can ensure that the item is securely stored and transported without damage.

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