Silver Tubing For Jewelry Making

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Silver Tubing For Jewelry Making. Use sterling, copper, and brass tubing from 1.5mm (1/16") to 6.35mm to make custom beads, pendant bails, tube rivets, eyelets and enameled findings. Choose from sterling.

Silver Tubing For Jewelry Making
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Silver tubing is a great material to use for jewelry making. It is easy to work with, and it can be used to create unique and intricate designs. Here are some tips for working with silver tubing for jewelry making.

The first step is to decide what type of silver tubing you want to use. Silver tubing comes in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Choose a size and thickness that is appropriate for the type of jewelry you plan to make. You can also choose from different finishes, such as matte or polished.

Once you have chosen the type of silver tubing you want to use, it’s time to start working. The best way to cut silver tubing is with a jewelers saw. To do this, secure the tubing in a vise and make sure it is firmly held in place. Use a jewelers saw to make a clean, precise cut.

You can also use pliers to bend silver tubing into different shapes. Secure the tubing in a vise and use pliers to gently bend the tubing into the desired shape. Make sure to use even pressure when bending, and be careful not to over-bend the tubing or it may break.

If you want to create a more intricate design, you can use a technique called soldering. Soldering involves melting two pieces of silver tubing together to create a stronger bond. To do this, use a soldering iron to heat up the two pieces of tubing until they are hot enough to melt together. Make sure to use a flux to prevent the silver from oxidizing.

Once you have created the design you want, it’s time to finish the piece. To do this, you can use a polishing cloth to buff out any imperfections in the design. You can also use a polishing compound to give the piece a nice shine. Finally, use a sealant to protect the silver from tarnishing or oxidizing.

These are just a few tips for working with silver tubing for jewelry making. With a little practice, you can create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. Have fun and be creative!

Jewelry Making Techniques: Easy to MakeTubing

In this video, we are making tubing! It really isn't that difficult to make and being able to create your own will expand your repertoire of skills! You'll want to know how to make your own tubing if you make hinges, create tube rivets, make clasps and locking mechanisms, create end caps, make tube settings, and a variety of other things. Being able to custom make your own tubing will make you a more knowledgable and resourceful jeweler! …

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