Split Collar Telescopic Tube Lock

Randall Edwards

Split Collar Telescopic Tube Lock. Tubing clamp for telescoping a round 7/8" OD tube inside of a 1" tube. This adjustable tubing lock is perfect for 0.875" tubing and 1" tubing or 1in tubing. The lock serves two functions,.

Split Collar Telescopic Tube Lock
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Split collar telescopic tube locks are a type of mechanical fastening device used to secure components together. They are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in consumer products. The most common application is to secure telescopic tubes, such as those used in the automobile suspension system. This type of lock is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between two components, while also allowing for adjustment if necessary.

How it works

The split collar telescopic tube lock works by using two components: a wedge-shaped collar and a locking nut. The wedge-shaped collar is inserted into the telescopic tube with the pointed end pointing outward. The locking nut is then tightened, which expands the wedge-shaped collar and locks it into place. This provides a secure connection between the two components.

The split collar telescopic tube lock is designed to be adjustable. This allows for the components to be adjusted to ensure the correct fit and alignment. The lock is also designed to be tamper-resistant, which helps to prevent unauthorized tampering with the connection.

The split collar telescopic tube lock is a reliable and secure way to connect components together. It is strong enough to withstand heavy loads, while also providing the flexibility to adjust the connection if needed. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including automotive and aerospace.

'B' Split Collar Locks for telescoping tubing / telescopic tubes

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Install them in the smaller tube, then slip the larger tube over the smaller tube until the button pops into a hole. Also known as snap buttons and tubing buttons. Zinc-plated. , Split Collar Telescopic Tube Lock.

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