Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube

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Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube. CHA-RLTUBE Chartpak Telescoping Document Tube w/ Strap View Similar Products Staedtler, Inc. Description: Telescoping Document Tube offers a lightproof plastic to. Telescopic art/drafting document tube includes a handy shoulder strap for convenient carrying. Product Name: Telescopic Art/Drafting Document Tube: Product Type:.

Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube

The Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube is a unique and useful tool for storing and transporting documents. It’s made from a strong, telescoping aluminum construction, with a plastic cap and a carrying strap for easy transport. This document tube is designed to protect important documents from damage and wear. It’s also great for protecting artwork and posters from bending or creasing during transport.

The document tube is expandable, allowing the user to adjust the size of the tube to the size of their documents. It can expand up to 36” in length and can hold up to 6 lbs. The inner diameter of the tube is 1.5”, which is wide enough to fit most documents and poster sizes.

The Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube is made from a durable aluminum alloy. This alloy is lightweight and offers maximum strength and protection. The interior is lined with a soft foam material which prevents rattling and helps cushion the contents. The exterior of the tube is corrosion resistant, making it perfect for long-term storage.

The telescoping design allows for easy storage and transport. The document tube has two end caps which secure the contents and help prevent any water or dust from entering the tube. Additionally, the carrying strap makes it easy to transport the tube wherever you need to go.

How to Use the Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube

Using the Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube is easy. Simply adjust the length of the tube to fit your documents and then secure the end caps. Once the tube is secured, you can then insert your documents and secure the end caps again. To transport the tube, simply attach the carrying strap to the end caps.

The Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube is an ideal solution for safely transporting and storing documents, artwork, and posters. The telescoping design allows for easy transport, while the durable aluminum construction ensures your documents will remain safe and secure. Plus, the soft foam lining helps cushion the contents and prevent any rattling during transport.

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Description. The STAEDTLER Telescoping Drafting Tube is constructed from light-proof plastic that protects materials against fading from exposure to sunlight. The. Protect your documents, drawings and artwork during transport or storage with this telescoping document tube. Tough plastic tube with screw-on end cap provides extra. Telescoping Document Tube 29" to 48.5" Length by Pacific Arc. The MailStor Mailing Tubes by Advanced Organizing Systems. Alumicolor 24" Aluminum Drafting Tubes. …, Staedtler Telescoping Document Tube.

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