Telescope 1 1 4 Focus Draw Tube

Randall Edwards

Telescope 1 1 4 Focus Draw Tube. On my AR152 f/ 6.5, which has a 2" focuser, I notice some dull light circle coming from the inside of the draw tube when viewed through the diagonal without an EP. Focuser/draw tube sag on long classics – Classic Telescopes – Cloudy Nights. Cloudy Nights. β†’ Equipment Discussions. β†’ Classic Telescopes. CNers have.

Telescope 1 1 4 Focus Draw Tube

A telescope is an optical instrument used to observe distant objects. Telescopes consist of a focus draw tube, lenses, and a mount. One of the most common type of telescope is a 114-focus draw tube.

The focus draw tube is the main body of the telescope. It consists of a tube with a lens at one end and a viewing window at the other. This tube is used to focus light from the object being viewed and allow it to be seen through the viewing window.

The lenses of the telescope are used to magnify the light and make the object being viewed more visible. The lenses are placed in the focus draw tube and can be adjusted in order to change the magnification of the view.

The mount of the telescope is used to hold the focus draw tube in place. The mount is typically adjustable in order to allow the telescope to be pointed in various directions. This allows the user to easily find the object they are looking for.

Using a 114-focus draw tube telescope is relatively easy. First, the telescope should be set up on a stable surface. Then, the lenses should be adjusted to the desired magnification. Finally, the telescope should be pointed in the direction of the object being viewed.

To maintain the telescope, the lenses should be cleaned regularly to ensure that they remain clear. The focus draw tube should also be inspected on a regular basis to make sure it is in good condition.

Using a 114-focus draw tube telescope can be a great way to observe distant objects. With a little practice, anyone can use a telescope to observe distant objects with amazing clarity.

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Celestron's Greg Bragg is here to help you get your telescope setup and have you viewing as soon as possible. For additional help, check out our knowledgebase article which will step through Greg's points:

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