The Short Tube 80 Telescope

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The Short Tube 80 Telescope. The ShortTube 80 Telescope: A User's Guide Neil T. English Springer Nature, Sep 14, 2019 – Science – 243 pages 0 Reviews Reviews aren't verified, but.

The Short Tube 80 Telescope

The Short Tube 80 Telescope is an 80mm refractor telescope designed for beginners. This telescope is easy to use and features a focal length of 600mm and a focal ratio of f/7.5. This telescope is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling and observing in remote locations.

The telescope’s tube is made from an aluminum alloy and is anodized to protect it from the elements. The aluminum alloy ensures that the tube is both lightweight and durable. The telescope also features a 2″ rack and pinion focuser, which makes it easier to focus the image. The focuser also includes a 1.25″ adapter, allowing it to accept 1.25″ eyepieces and other accessories.

The telescope also includes two eyepieces: a 25mm and a 10mm. The 25mm eyepiece is a Plössl design, providing a wide field of view and a comfortable 5.4° apparent field of view. The 10mm eyepiece is a Super Plössl design, providing an even wider field of view and an 8.3° apparent field of view.

The Short Tube 80 Telescope also features a dovetail mounting plate and a Vixen-style dovetail bar, allowing it to be mounted on a variety of mounts, including the Celestron Advanced VX mount. This makes it easy to set up and use, even for beginners.

How to Use the Short Tube 80 Telescope

Using the Short Tube 80 Telescope is easy and straightforward. The first step is to attach the telescope to a mount and make sure that it is securely attached. Once the telescope is mounted, you can begin to observe. The 25mm eyepiece should be used for wide-field viewing, while the 10mm eyepiece should be used for higher magnification viewing.

Once the telescope is aligned, you can begin to observe. To find an object, use the mount’s slow-motion controls to move the telescope in the direction you want to view. Once the object is in the field of view, use the focuser to bring the image into focus. You can also use the slow-motion controls to make small adjustments to the field of view.

For finer control, you can use a motorized mount, such as the Celestron Advanced VX mount. This mount features a built-in hand controller, allowing you to move the telescope more precisely. This can be useful for tracking objects over long periods of time.

When observing with the Short Tube 80 Telescope, it is important to remember that it is a refractor telescope. This means that the image will be reversed from left to right. This can take some getting used to, but can be helpful for identifying objects in the night sky.

The Short Tube 80 Telescope is an excellent choice for beginner astronomers. It is easy to use and provides a wide field of view, making it perfect for observing a variety of celestial objects. With a little practice, you’ll be able to find your way around the night sky in no time.

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