Tiny Single Tube Telescope

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Tiny Single Tube Telescope. Since the tiny glass is noticeably tiny compared to your tubes' width, we're going to use the small cardboard to attach it to the tube. Put the back cardboard tube (the slightly less. The ShortTube 80 is an 80mm aperture, 400mm focal length (f/5) achromatic refractor. It has a two-piece front lens that corrects for a fair degree of false.

Tiny Single Tube Telescope
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A single tube telescope, also known as a Galilean telescope, is a basic type of telescope. It consists of a single convex lens that is used to magnify an object. This type of telescope is easy to construct and is relatively inexpensive.

The Galilean telescope was invented in 1609 by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei. It is the simplest of all types of telescopes, and its design has remained unchanged for centuries. The Galilean telescope is most commonly used for terrestrial viewing. It is also used by amateur astronomers to observe the Moon, planets, and stars.

The lens of the Galilean telescope is the most important part of the instrument. It is responsible for collecting and focusing light. The lens can be made of glass or plastic, and it usually has a focal length of between 5 and 10 centimeters. The lens must be carefully mounted in order to ensure that it is properly aligned with the target object.

The Galilean telescope also has an eyepiece. This is a smaller lens that is used to magnify the image and make it easier to view. The eyepiece is usually made of glass or plastic and has a focal length of between 1 and 5 centimeters.

To use the telescope, the observer must first locate the object they wish to view. The telescope should then be pointed at the object and the eyepiece should be adjusted until the image is clear. The observer can then adjust the focus of the eyepiece until the image is as sharp as possible.

The Galilean telescope is a simple and inexpensive way to observe the night sky. It is easy to construct and can provide a great deal of enjoyment for those interested in astronomy.

To build a Galilean telescope, you will need:

  • A convex lens
  • An eyepiece
  • A tube or holder for the lens
  • A mount for the tube

Tiny Telescope – a pocket sized Dobsonian

Could it be the smallest 4" telescope in the world? I build this little Dobsonian as a scale model of my 16" f/4 Propdob. Initially just for fun and for display purpose only, but it appeared to work just fine! I brought it as an extra telescope on one of my observing trips to La Palma, and I made quite a few observation and sketches through it. Visit roelblog.nl (in Dutch) to find more info.

, Tiny Single Tube Telescope.

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