Truss Tube Rc Telescope

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Truss Tube Rc Telescope

Truss tube RC telescopes are a type of telescope that are popular among amateur astronomers due to their lightweight and easy-to-transport design. A truss tube RC telescope is a reflector telescope with a truss tube design. This design consists of a series of interlocking tubes that are joined together with metal trusses.

The truss tube design allows for the telescope tube to be broken down into several smaller components for easier transport. This design also helps to reduce the overall weight of the telescope, making it easier to move from one location to another. The truss tubes are usually made of aluminum, although other materials such as carbon fiber and steel can also be used.

The primary mirror of a truss tube RC telescope is usually made of glass and is usually a spherical shape. This mirror is usually coated with a reflective coating to improve its efficiency. The secondary mirror is usually a flat mirror mounted in the center of the primary mirror. The secondary mirror is used to reflect the light from the primary mirror onto the eyepiece, which magnifies the image.

In order to use a truss tube RC telescope, the user must first assemble the telescope. This typically involves connecting the truss tubes together and attaching the primary and secondary mirrors. Once the telescope has been assembled, the user must then align the telescope with the desired object in the night sky. This is typically done by adjusting the altitude and azimuth settings of the telescope.

Once the telescope is properly aligned, the user can then start viewing the object. The user will typically adjust the focus of the telescope in order to better view the object. This can be done by adjusting the focus knob on the telescope or by adjusting the eyepiece. Once the object is in focus, the user can then observe the object in detail.


Truss tube RC telescopes are a popular choice among amateur astronomers due to their lightweight design, easy transportability, and good image quality. They offer users the ability to break down the telescope into smaller components for easier transportation, and their design allows for the telescope to be quickly assembled and aligned with the desired object in the night sky. With a truss tube RC telescope, users can easily observe the night sky in detail.

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, Truss Tube Rc Telescope.

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