Truss Tube Telescope Design

Randall Edwards

Truss Tube Telescope Design. Explore Scientific's 12 inch, 305mm truss tube Dobsonian telescope is a high quality full aluminum telescope design for the ultimate in portability and light gathering power.. Try contacting Dennis at, he sells affordable telescope kits that are truss and strut designs. He's very willing to work with you if you have any ideas for.

Truss Tube Telescope Design
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Truss tube telescope designs are a popular choice for amateur astronomers because of their portability and ease of assembly. The truss tube design allows the telescope to be disassembled and transported easily. This type of telescope is also lighter and more affordable than other types. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of truss tube telescope design, components, and assembly.

Truss tube telescope designs consist of two or more tubes that are connected by struts and braces. The tubes are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber and are connected in a truss-like structure. The telescope is mounted on a tripod or equatorial mount and the tube is pointed at an object in the sky. The eyepiece is then used to view the object.

Truss tube telescopes are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The larger the telescope, the more components it will have. Some of the components that are typically included in a truss tube telescope design are the primary mirror, secondary mirror, focuser, and eyepiece. The primary mirror is the main mirror that captures and focuses the light from the object being viewed. The secondary mirror is used to reflect the light from the primary mirror to the focuser, where it is further focused onto the eyepiece.

When assembling a truss tube telescope, it’s important to make sure that all the parts are correctly aligned. This can be done by using a spirit level to ensure that all the parts are level. The next step is to attach the primary mirror to the truss tube. This is done by using a set of clamps that are secured to the tube. Once the primary mirror is in place, the secondary mirror is then attached to the truss tube.

The focuser is then added to the telescope and the eyepiece is attached. The focuser can be adjusted to fine-tune the focus of the telescope. Once all of the components are in place and the telescope is properly aligned, it is ready to be used. It is important to make sure that all of the components are securely fastened to the truss tube.

Truss tube telescopes are an excellent choice for amateur astronomers who want a lightweight and affordable telescope. They are easy to assemble and the components are readily available. With proper care and maintenance, these telescopes can last for many years. With a truss tube telescope, you can explore the night sky and observe some of the most wonderful sights in the universe.

In conclusion, truss tube telescope designs are an affordable and portable option for amateur astronomers. They are lightweight and easy to assemble. With the right components and careful alignment, you can enjoy a great view of the night sky for many years to come.

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