Truss Tube Telescope Plans

Truss Tube Telescope Plans. I've got a 6 f/8 truss, and here are some things i learned: Design your truss correctly so it won't droop or twist. Your collimation will be ruined every time you touch the. Once your telescope is assembled, cover the veloc velvet black tissue around the truss assembly, trimming with security pins.

Truss Tube Telescope Plans

Truss tube on an equatorial? – ATM, Optics and DIY Forum – Cloudy Nights

With the optics ordered i started to plan the project in. I had cut the 12 foot tube in half in order to get it home in the first place, and a 6 foot section was the right size to work with for my f/5 12. 5 inch. Saturday, 13th march 2010 the messier marathon at majhkhali was conducted using the 20 inch aperture telescope.

And, once you have finished your telescope, make sure. . i have an older 12. 5 parabolic mirror made by coulter in the early 70s and i would like to install it in an. The mirror box supports a truss tube of aluminium poles, at the end of which sits a secondary cage of plywood and aluminium.

Design and Construction of the 1100 mm Cruxis Telescope

Kriege & berry like the trusses mounted on the outside of the mirror box for. Telescope mirror, ultimately determine.

While pointing above 45° the huge telescope requires a ladder, but that is. After many years of hauling around this monstrously heavy coulter 13. 1 odyssey one, my back had had enough. Constructed of 1. 25 particle board and sonotube, it was a real killer. Plans for a dobsonian telescope 150 mm mount 200 mm mount at this point, you can also buy the tube, and the altitude bearings.

Design and Construction of the 1100 mm Cruxis Telescope Truss Tube Telescope Plans
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Explore Scientific Truss Tube Dobsonian / Making it Better

A workshop video on how to get the most out your Explore Scientific Truss Dobsonian telescope; with improvements made to Dakota Starry Nights setting circle platform.

Machining the truss tube connectors for "Well, Dobviously", our 12" F4 Dob telescope. Learn more about this project at

Hi youtube! This is my very own homemade 10" or 250mm Telescope that I made myself, including the mirror! I show you the basics of making a highly precise telescope, including mirror and observing Venus!

This is an unboxing / review of a 10" Dobsonian Telescope I ordered through Costco wholesale. Yes.! Costco is selling a large aperture 10" Dobsonian telescope on their web site.! The large reflector is made by Explore Scientific 🙂 🙂 🙂

Timelapse: assembling a 250mm f/4 ultralight truss Dobsonian telescope


A short timelapse movie of me assembling a home build 250mm f/4 truss Dobson telescope for a night of observing. More: Truss Tube Telescope Plans.

Truss Tube Telescope Plans. For this telescope, you need a pvc drain tube. If you have a. Truss tube placement and truss connector styles are very difficult choices.

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