1 3 8 Dom Tubing

Randall Edwards

1 3 8 Dom Tubing

1 3 8 Dom Tubing, also known as DOM tubing or drawn over mandrel, is a type of seamless steel tubing used in a variety of mechanical and structural applications.

It is constructed from a cold-rolled steel strip formed into a tubular shape and then welded by electric resistance welding or flash welding to create a tube. The inside of the tube is then cold-drawn to the desired size and wall thickness.

The benefits of using 1 3 8 Dom Tubing over other types of steel tubing include:

  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than other types of tubing
  • Excellent weldability
  • Higher tensile and yield strengths
  • Higher resistance to corrosion and fatigue

The most common uses of 1 3 8 Dom Tubing include:

  • Automotive exhaust and suspension components
  • Aerospace components and structures
  • Bicycle frames and components
  • Furniture, appliances, and other consumer products

When selecting 1 3 8 Dom Tubing for a particular application, it is important to consider the properties of the material, such as its strength, toughness, ductility, and weldability. It is also important to consider the intended application and the environment in which the tubing will be used.

1 3 8 Dom Tubing is a versatile material that can be used in many applications. It is a cost-effective solution for many applications, and its strength and durability make it a good choice for many applications.

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