1 5 X 25 Dom Tubing

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1 5 X 25 Dom Tubing. Description. Reviews. 1.5" X .120" wall D.O.M. tube is an excellent utility tube. We also use it for reinforcing crossmembers, fuel cells, or curved or straight tube. Cold Roll Round Tube A513 Type-5 DOM is strong, durable, with a smooth finish and corrosion resistance. DOM stands for Drawn Over Mandrel, and it is this process that.

1 5 X 25 Dom Tubing
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5 X 25 Dom Tubing is a type of steel tubing that has been cold-formed and electric-resistance welded into a hollow tube. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. This type of tubing is highly corrosion resistant, and is often used in applications that require greater strength than regular steel tubing.

When working with 5 X 25 Dom Tubing, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions. Wear safety glasses and protective clothing, and always use safety equipment when handling these materials. It is also important to be aware of the fact that the tubing is welded, so it is important to take extra care when handling it.

In order to properly cut 5 X 25 Dom Tubing, you will need the following materials: a hacksaw, a tube cutter, a grinder, and a deburring tool. Begin by marking the length of the tubing that you need to cut. Place the tubing in a vise, and use the hacksaw to cut along the marked lines. Once the cut is complete, use the tube cutter to cut off any excess material. This will help ensure that the tubing is cut to the correct length.

Next, use the grinder to smooth the edges of the tubing. This will help prevent any rough edges that could cause injury when the tubing is being handled. Finally, use the deburring tool to remove any burrs that may have formed during the cutting process.

Once the 5 X 25 Dom Tubing has been cut and deburred, it is ready to be used in whatever application it is needed for. This type of tubing is corrosion resistant and very strong, making it a great choice for many applications. With the proper care and maintenance, it can be used for many years to come.

Working with 5 X 25 Dom Tubing can be a great way to save money and time in many industrial and automotive applications. Following the proper safety precautions, and by making sure to take the necessary steps when cutting and deburring the tubing, it can be used safely and reliably for many years.

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