14 Inch Micro Tubing

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14 Inch Micro Tubing. Valmont's 14.00" OD SAW (submerged arc welded) round steel tubing is produced to ASTM A252 and A787 and is produced in hot rolled (HR) and hot dip galvanized (HDG). Our 1/4” tubing is durable, reliable and economical, making it an excellent choice for everything from flower beds and back-yard vegetable gardens to vineyards and farms..

14 Inch Micro Tubing
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14-inch micro tubing is a type of tubing used in metalworking, particularly in the production of small-diameter tubes and pipes. It is typically made from stainless steel, aluminum, or copper, and is generally used for applications requiring a greater level of precision than is normally found with larger-diameter tubes. Micro tubing is used in industries ranging from automotive to medical and is often used in the production of intricate shapes and small-diameter components.

Characteristics of 14-Inch Micro Tubing

14-inch micro tubing is characterized by its small diameter, which can range from 0.3 to 2.5 millimeters. This small size allows for greater control over the shape and size of the finished product, enabling manufacturers to create intricate shapes and components that would be impossible with larger-diameter tubing. The small diameter also makes it easier to produce components with tight tolerances, which is why it is often used in the medical industry for producing components for medical devices and instruments. Additionally, the small diameter makes it easier to bend the tubing into more complex shapes, making it ideal for use in applications where tight bends and intricate shapes are necessary.

The other notable characteristic of 14-inch micro tubing is its strength. While it is smaller in diameter, the thinner walls of the tubing make it much stronger than larger-diameter tubing. This is because the thinner walls are able to better resist bending, buckling, and crushing. This makes it an ideal material for applications that require strength and durability, such as automotive or aeronautical components.

Finally, 14-inch micro tubing is also known for its corrosion resistance. The thin walls of the tubing allow for greater control over its chemical composition, allowing manufacturers to create tubing that is more resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. This makes it ideal for applications where resistance to corrosion is a must, such as marine or chemical processing.

Step-by-Step Guide for Working with 14-Inch Micro Tubing

  • Prepare the tubing: Before beginning any project involving micro tubing, it is important to ensure that the tubing is properly prepared. This includes cleaning the tubing to remove any residue or debris and ensuring that it is straight and free of kinks.
  • Cut the tubing: Once the tubing has been properly prepared, it can be cut to length using a saw or other cutting tool. It is important to ensure that the cut is straight and clean to ensure a good fit.
  • Bend the tubing: If needed, the tubing can be bent into the desired shape using a bending tool. It is important to ensure that the bends are tight and that the tubing maintains its integrity throughout the bending process.
  • Weld the tubing: Finally, the tubing can be welded together using a TIG or MIG welding machine. It is important to ensure that the welds are clean and strong to ensure a good fit.

14-inch micro tubing is an essential material for many industries, from automotive to medical. Its small diameter and strength make it ideal for applications requiring intricate shapes and components. Additionally, its corrosion resistance makes it an ideal material for applications where resistance to corrosion is a must. With the right tools and a bit of practice, working with 14-inch micro tubing can be a straightforward and rewarding process.

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