2 X 2 Aluminum Tubing

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2 X 2 Aluminum Tubing. Aluminized Steel Tubing – 2-1/4" x 20' backSTORY: These sections of aluminized steel tubing were surplus materials from a finished project. The aluminized coating resists fire,. Aluminum Square Tube 2" x 2" x 1/8" (Grade 6063) Larger Sizes Available – please email [email protected] for shipping quote. Add an item to your cart and use our new.

2 X 2 Aluminum Tubing
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2 x 2 aluminum tubing is one of the most common types of aluminum tube used in various industries. It is a lightweight and strong material that can withstand corrosion and other environmental conditions. It is often used in applications such as aerospace, automotive, and marine industries, as well as for structural and architectural purposes.

When selecting 2 x 2 aluminum tubing for your project, it is important to know that there are two different types of aluminum tubing: extruded and drawn. Extruded aluminum tubing is a continuous length of aluminum that has been forced through a die, while drawn aluminum tubing is made by drawing a hollow tube through a die. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen based on the requirements of the project.

The most basic specifications for 2 x 2 aluminum tubing include the alloy series, temper, wall thickness, outside diameter, and length. The alloy series refers to the type of aluminum used to create the tubing, such as 6061 or 6063. The temper indicates the strength of the tubing and can be either annealed, T6, or T62. The wall thickness should be specified in inches or millimeters, and the outside diameter should be specified in inches or millimeters. Finally, the length should be specified in feet or meters.

Processing 2 x 2 Aluminum Tubing

Once the specifications for the 2 x 2 aluminum tubing have been determined, the tubing must be cut to the desired length and processed. The most common way to process aluminum tubing is through roll forming. This involves passing the tubing through a number of rollers to shape it into the desired shape. Other methods of processing include bending, flaring, slotting, and crimping.

After the tubing has been processed, it must be finished. The most common way to finish aluminum tubing is with an anodizing process. This involves submerging the tubing in an electrolytic bath and passing an electric current through it. This creates an oxide layer on the surface of the tubing, which provides protection from corrosion and increases the tubing’s strength and durability.

Once the 2 x 2 aluminum tubing has been cut and processed, the next step is to connect the pieces. This is typically done using welding or brazing techniques. Welding involves melting and joining two pieces of metal together, while brazing is a process of joining two pieces of metal by heating them to a high temperature and then applying a filler metal.

Finally, the 2 x 2 aluminum tubing is ready to be used in a variety of applications. It can be used to construct frames, supports, and other structural elements, as well as for automotive, aerospace, and marine applications. It is also commonly used in architectural and decorative applications, as it is lightweight and strong.


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