Custom Paper Telescopic Tubes

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Custom Paper Telescopic Tubes. For over 50 years, Custom Paper Tubes has specialized in the design and manufacture of sustainable, eco-friendly paper tube packaging that represents our customers’ values and differentiates them from their competitors in a diverse range of. 100% recyclable – manufactured from 100% recycled brown board or pure white board from sustainable sources. Our Telescopic cardboard tubes feature an easy-to-open sliding design. The base tube is a slightly smaller diameter allowing the lid to slip over the base.. Open End Cardboard Tubes; Paper Cap Canister Packaging; Phenolic Cardboard Tubes; Point of Purchase Tube Packaging; Private Label Packaging Tubes; Ring and Plug Top Packaging; Shaker Top Containers; Telescoping Tube Packaging;.

Custom Paper Telescopic Tubes

Custom paper telescopic tubes are used in many manufacturing and industrial applications, from packaging to shipping and handling. They are designed to be lightweight and flexible, while also offering reliable protection for delicate and fragile items. Telescopic tubes are made from heavy-duty paper and feature a range of different sizes, shapes, and closures for custom packaging applications.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for custom paper telescopic tubes begins with the selection of the right paper material. The paper must be strong enough to provide the necessary protection, but also flexible enough to be folded and unfolded multiple times. Once the paper is selected, it is cut into the desired size and shape and then printed with the customer’s design. The printed design is then laminated to the paper to provide additional strength and protection. The next step is to create the telescopic tube by gluing the two ends together, and then adding a closure such as a snap-lock, zipper, or screw-on cap. Finally, the telescopic tube is ready for shipping.

Custom paper telescopic tubes are a great option for businesses looking for efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. They are lightweight, flexible, and offer reliable protection for delicate items. Additionally, they can be customized with unique designs and closures, allowing businesses to stand out from the competition. With the right manufacturing process, custom paper telescopic tubes can provide businesses with a reliable and cost-effective way to package and ship their products.

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