How To Make A 12 Truss Tube Telescope

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How To Make A 12 Truss Tube Telescope. Try contacting Dennis at, he sells affordable telescope kits that are truss and strut designs. He's very willing to work with you if you have any ideas for.

How To Make A 12 Truss Tube Telescope
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If you’re interested in making a 12 truss tube telescope, you’ll need to understand the basics of metallurgical engineering. This article will provide an overview of the processes and materials required to construct a 12 truss tube telescope.

A truss tube telescope is a type of telescope that uses a truss tube design. This design utilizes metal tubes connected by trusses to create a lightweight, rigid structure. The tubes are connected by metal corner blocks or welded trusses. The trusses must be strong enough to support the weight of the telescope and its accessories.

To make a 12 truss tube telescope, you’ll need the following materials: aluminum tube, steel trusses, steel corner blocks, steel screws, and nuts and bolts. You’ll also need a drill, a saw, a grinder, and a welding machine.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Cut the aluminum tube into twelve equal length pieces, using the saw.
  • Drill holes in the aluminum tube to attach the trusses.
  • Weld the steel trusses to the aluminum tube, using the welding machine.
  • Attach the steel corner blocks to the trusses, using screws.
  • Grind the edges of the trusses and corner blocks to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Connect the trusses and corner blocks with nuts and bolts.
  • Test the rigidity of the telescope structure.

After the telescope structure is complete, you can begin attaching the optics and accessories. Depending on the type of telescope you are building, the accessories may include a focuser, a finder scope, a dew shield, and a counterweight.

Making a 12 truss tube telescope requires an understanding of metallurgical engineering principles. It is important to select the appropriate materials, understand the welding and grinding processes, and construct a rigid, lightweight telescope structure.

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