Large Telescoping Art Tube

Randall Edwards

Large Telescoping Art Tube. US Art Supply Affordable, Black Large Plastic Telescoping Document Poster Tube with 4-7/8" diameter that expands from 30-1/4" up to 47-3/4" is ideal for artists,.

Large Telescoping Art Tube

A large telescoping art tube is an essential item for any artist who needs to transport their artwork. While it is essential, it can be a daunting task to store and transport your artwork safely. This article will walk you through the steps of using a large telescoping art tube to safely store and transport your artwork.

The first step is to measure the artworks you wish to store in the large telescoping art tube. Measure the length, width and depth of each piece. This will help you determine which tube size to purchase.

The next step is to assemble the large telescoping art tube. Start by unscrewing the top and bottom caps of the tube. Then, slide the tube sections together according to the measurements of your artworks. Make sure that the sections are securely locked into place.

Once the tube is assembled, you can start to load your artwork into the tube. Place each artwork into the tube, making sure that it is secured and won’t move around during transport. If the artwork is fragile, use bubble wrap or an art protector to secure the artwork and prevent damage.

Once the artwork is loaded, seal the tube with the top and bottom caps. Make sure that the caps are securely fastened to protect the artwork from the elements. If you are not sure how to do this, consult the instruction manual of the large telescoping art tube.

Finally, you can now transport your artwork safely with the large telescoping art tube. Be sure to take extra precautions during transport, such as using a sturdy box or a carrying case to protect the tube. With the right precautions, your artwork will be safe and secure during transport.

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Roll your paper sheets and store them in this plastic telescopic art tube by Artist's Loft. It is perfect for architects, engineers, artists, designers and other crafters. With a telescoping. Sort Order. Alvin Zoom6 Telescoping Zoom Tube 6-3/4 Inch Inside Diameter. ES5138. $89.99. Alvin ALTUBE Expandable Storage Drawing Tube 3-3/4 Inch Inside Diameter.. Buy U.S. Art Supply Extra Large Jumbo Black Telescoping Drafting Tube – Outside Diameter: 10-1/2 inch, Inside Diameter: 9-3/4 inch, Length: 36 to 62-1/2 inches at., Large Telescoping Art Tube.

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