Akron Telescoping Adjustable Floor Jack

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Akron Telescoping Adjustable Floor Jack.

Akron Telescoping Adjustable Floor Jack
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An Akron telescoping adjustable floor jack is an essential tool for any mechanic. It is used to lift vehicles so that they can be serviced or repaired. The jack is designed to be lightweight, yet strong enough to lift up to 3 tons. It is adjustable, so it can be used on vehicles of different heights and weights.

The jack has three different settings. The first setting is for low vehicles, such as sedans and sports cars. The second setting is for medium vehicles, such as SUVs and pickup trucks. The third setting is for high vehicles, such as vans and trucks.

The jack is easy to use. First, the jack must be set on the lowest setting. Then, the jack is placed under the vehicle. Once the jack is in place, it can be adjusted to the appropriate setting.

The jack is then ready to lift the vehicle. To do this, the handle must be pushed down. This will raise the vehicle up, allowing it to be serviced or repaired.

Once the vehicle is up, the jack must be secured. This is done by tightening the handle and pushing the safety pin into the locking mechanism. This will ensure that the vehicle does not move while it is being serviced or repaired.

When the service or repair is complete, the jack must be lowered. To do this, the handle must be released, which will lower the vehicle down.

Once the vehicle is on the ground, the jack can be removed. To do this, the handle must be pulled up and the safety pin must be released. Then, the jack can be removed from under the vehicle.

The Akron Products Company – Adjustable Jack Post

For temporary or additional support under stairs, porches, decks, crawl spaces and heavy load areas. Perfect for remodeling projects. Fully adjustable jack posts come with double carriage nut and bolt for added strength and safety.

, Akron Telescoping Adjustable Floor Jack.

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