Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

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Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. The SkyQuest XT10 PLUS is the latest addition to Orion's popular line of deluxe upgraded Dobsonian reflector telescopes. With great features and extra included accessories,. considering a manual 10" Dobsonian – posted in Reflectors: Many options out there. Are all brands made by the same source? Which has the best. Full Name: Orion SkyQuest XT10 Type: Newtonian Reflector Aperture: 254mm (10″) Focal length: 1200mm Focal ratio : f/4.7 Dimensions & Weight : 132.1 x.

Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope
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The Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope is an excellent choice for amateur astronomers looking to explore the night sky. The telescope features a 10-inch aperture, allowing for clear and detailed views of star clusters, galaxies, and other celestial objects. The Dobsonian design also makes the telescope relatively easy to set up and use, making it great for beginners.

The telescope comes with two eyepieces, a 10mm and a 25mm. The 10mm eyepiece provides a wide field of view, making it great for scanning the sky. The 25mm eyepiece offers higher magnification and is great for viewing more distant objects. The telescope also includes an adjustable-height Dobsonian base and a 2-inch Crayford-style focuser for smooth and precise focusing.

To get started, begin by assembling the telescope. The telescope comes with comprehensive instructions for assembly, though you may need a few tools, such as a screwdriver, depending on the type of mount you have. Once the telescope is assembled, you can then install the eyepieces, the focuser, and the base.

Once the telescope is assembled, it’s time to point it at the night sky. Start by finding a dark, clear spot with minimal light pollution. Aim the telescope at the horizon and rotate it until the desired object is in view. To focus the telescope, simply turn the focuser knob until the image is sharp and clear.

You can also use the telescope for astrophotography. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a camera adapter for the focuser. Once installed, you can then attach a DSLR camera to the focuser and take photos of the night sky.

The Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate astronomers. With its 10-inch aperture and Dobsonian design, it’s easy to use and provides clear and detailed views of the night sky.

How to Use the Orion SkyQuest XT10 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector Telescope – Orion Telescopes

This deluxe upgrade of our popular XT10 Classic Dobsonian boasts multiple key feature enhancements and additional included accessories for an unforgettable stargazing experience. PRODUCT PAGES: For our US and Canadian customers – bit.ly/2osHcto The SkyQuest XT10 PLUS comes with a bevy of useful stargazing accessories including a 2" 28mm eyepiece, 1.25" 10mm eyepiece, Shorty 2x Barlow Lens, eyepiece rack, EZ Finder II reflex sight, and the…

 · The Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian Telescope is a big aperture reflector that stretches both specifications and the imagination in its power and design. It is the., Orion Skyquest Xt10 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope.

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