Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x

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Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x
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The Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x is an astronomical telescope designed to aid in the study of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. It is an important tool for amateur and professional astronomers alike. This telescope features a high-quality refractor design with a large aperture, allowing for a greater magnification and resolution than many other types of telescopes. This telescope is ideal for both terrestrial and celestial observations.


The Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x is a refractor telescope with a 168mm (6.6-inch) aperture and 525x magnification. It has a focus range of 20mm to infinity, and a field of view of 1.12°. The telescope is made of an aluminum alloy with a black finish. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for traveling or taking to the outdoors. The telescope also features a built-in tripod for easy and stable positioning. Additionally, the telescope comes with two eyepieces with focal lengths of 4mm and 20mm.

The Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x also comes with a red dot finder scope and a 5×24 finderscope. The red dot finder scope is used to easily and accurately point the telescope in the right direction. The 5×24 finderscope is used to locate objects in the night sky. Both of these tools are essential for locating and observing celestial bodies.

The telescope also comes with a 1.25-inch diagonal mirror, which is used to provide an upright and correct-left-to-right image. This allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Additionally, the telescope also features a 2x Barlow lens, which can be used to increase the magnification of the telescope. The telescope also includes a moon filter, which helps to reduce glare from the moon and make it easier to observe the night sky.

The Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x is an excellent choice for amateur and professional astronomers alike. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. The telescope’s high-quality refractor design and large aperture allow for a greater magnification and resolution than many other types of telescopes. It comes with a built-in tripod and two eyepieces, making it easy and convenient to use. Additionally, the telescope also comes with a red dot finder scope, a 5×24 finderscope, a 1.25-inch diagonal mirror, a 2x Barlow lens, and a moon filter. These features make the Polaroid Refractor Telescope 168x525x an ideal tool for studying the night sky.

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