Telescope 1 25 Vs 2

Randall Edwards

Telescope 1 25 Vs 2. Below are examples of 31mm unmounted and 1.25 inch threaded filters using the ASI1600 with a ZWO mini EFW at F1.9. The slightly larger 31mm unmounted filter. That's it. There is a limit for each barrel size at how large the FoV can get. For 1.25" that's 32mm and about 50° AFoV (apparent field of view); for 2" that's 40mm and 72° AFoV..

Telescope 1 25 Vs 2
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Telescopes are a vital tool for stargazers, scientists and amateurs alike. Telescope 1 25 and Telescope 2 are two popular models that are used for astronomical observation. When comparing the two, it is important to take into account the features, advantages, and drawbacks of each.

Telescope 1 25 has a 6 inch aperture, a shorter focal length, and a wide field of view. This makes it an ideal choice for viewing faint deep sky objects, as well as large objects such as comets and galaxies. Its light gathering power is also superior to that of Telescope 2, making it ideal for both visual and photographic observations. Additionally, Telescope 1 25 has a larger aperture than Telescope 2, allowing for more detail and higher resolution images.

Telescope 2, on the other hand, has a 8 inch aperture, a longer focal length, and a narrower field of view. This makes it a better choice for viewing small, intricate details in the night sky. Its light gathering power is also slightly lower than that of Telescope 1 25, making it better suited for more advanced users.

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, Telescope 1 25 has a few advantages over Telescope 2. For example, it is more affordable and easier to use, making it ideal for beginners. Additionally, its shorter focal length allows for quicker and easier navigation of the night sky. However, Telescope 2 has its own advantages, such as its higher light gathering power and its ability to capture more details in the night sky.

In conclusion, Telescope 1 25 and Telescope 2 both offer unique features and benefits, making them both great choices for anyone looking for a telescope. For beginners, Telescope 1 25 is an excellent choice for its affordability and ease of use. For more advanced users, Telescope 2 is an ideal choice for its higher light gathering power and ability to capture more details.

No matter which telescope you choose, both Telescope 1 25 and Telescope 2 offer great features and will help you get the most out of your stargazing experience.

2 inch v 1.25 inch telescope eyepiece – physical size comparison

1.25 inch Meade Series 5000 16mm SW 68 degree AFOV versus 2 inch Explore Scientific Maxvision 40mm 68 degree AFOV

Typically 2" Eyepieces are used for lower magnification and or wider field of view. A 2" barrel will allow for a wider Apparent Field Of View through the. Well, 2" eyepieces are larger and bulkier, particularly the Ethos (100º) and large focal length (>20mm) Nagler jars. They allow a true FOV up till 2800/FL_in_mm. , Telescope 1 25 Vs 2.

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