U Shaped Telescopic Window Cleaner

U Shaped Telescopic Window Cleaner. Detachable U shape pole, 360 rotate angle handle to clean impossible to reach window. Sponge head and squeegee can be installed together or separately. The window cleaner can clean the inside and outside windows without using. Ergonomically designed window cleaner with a u-shaped handle and a 26 cm wide brush head. Practically combines a window cleaner and a scraper so you get sparkling clean and spotless windows in just one go! Uses deep-cleaning and quick-absorbing microfiber cloth attached to velcro so it’s removable for easy washing.

U Shaped Telescopic Window Cleaner
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The U shaped telescopic window cleaner is a device that is used to clean windows of all shapes and sizes. It consists of a telescopic rod and a cleaning head with two scrubbing pads. The device is designed to reach hard-to-reach windows without any ladders, and it is lightweight and easy to use.

The telescopic rod can be extended from 40 cm to up to 1.5 meters, making it suitable for windows of all heights. The cleaning head contains two soft scrubbing pads that are designed to remove dirt and grime from the window surface, as well as a squeegee for streak-free cleaning. The device is also equipped with a safety rope, which can be attached to the rod and secured to a stable surface for added safety.

Using the U shaped telescopic window cleaner is relatively simple. First, the rod should be extended to the desired length, and the cleaning head should be attached to the other end. Then, the cleaning head should be positioned against the window and moved in a circular motion to scrub away any dirt or grime. Finally, the squeegee should be used to remove excess water and leave the window streak-free.

In addition to the cleaning head, the U shaped telescopic window cleaner also comes with several other accessories. These include a microfiber cloth for polishing the window, a dusting brush for dusting the windowsill, and a window cleaning solution for extra cleaning power.

The U shaped telescopic window cleaner is a convenient and easy-to-use device that can help you clean windows of all heights and sizes. With its telescopic rod, cleaning head, and accessories, it is an ideal tool for quickly and safely cleaning any window.


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Telescopic u shaped window cleaner makes cleaning any window easy. And telescopic u shaped window cleaner is suitable for cleaning and maintaining small space, easy to clean up the garbage. In the meantime, telescopic u shaped rod, easy to bend and convenient for cleaning. Shape: U Shaped; Straight Pole Length: 56 – 131.7cm (22-51.8in) Pole: Telescopic; Material: ABS + Fiber + Sponge + Aluminum; Application: Window glass, wall, floor, car ★ Package Includes. 1 x U Shaped Window Cleaning Tool. 2 x Microfiber Cloth. 1 x., U Shaped Telescopic Window Cleaner.

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