Why Can I Only See Black Through My Telescope

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Why Can I Only See Black Through My Telescope. If you can see the shadow of the secondary mirror (black circle) and/or spider vanes while viewing through the eyepiece, the telescope is not focused. Turn the. When you mention you are seeing Jupiter you may be only looking at an out-of-focus "blob" not an image of the planet's disk. If you bring an object that's say 100.

Why Can I Only See Black Through My Telescope
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One of the most common questions amateur astronomers ask is: “Why can I only see black through my telescope?” It can be confusing and frustrating to look through a telescope and only see a black void. After all, why did you spend so much money on a telescope if you’re not going to be able to observe anything?

The truth is that telescopes are not designed to show you what you can see with the naked eye. Telescopes amplify light, but they don’t create light. That means that if there is no light coming from an object, then there is nothing for a telescope to amplify. This is why you can only see black through your telescope.

If you are looking at a relatively bright object, like the moon, then you will be able to see something through your telescope. However, if you are looking at a dim object, like a distant galaxy, then you may only be able to see a faint glow or nothing at all. This is why it is important to use other equipment, such as filters and tracking mounts, to help you observe dim objects.


Filters are pieces of glass or plastic that are placed in front of the telescope’s objective lens. They are designed to block out certain types of light, such as infrared or ultraviolet light, that can make it difficult to see dim objects. By using a filter, you can reduce the amount of light that is entering the telescope and make it easier to observe dim objects.

Filters are also useful for observing certain types of objects. For example, some filters can help you to see features on the moon, such as craters and mountains, that would otherwise be invisible. Filters can also help to reduce glare from bright stars and planets, making them easier to observe.

Tracking Mounts

Tracking mounts are devices that are attached to the telescope to help track the movement of celestial objects. They are designed to move the telescope so that it is always pointing at the object that you are observing. This is important because if the telescope is not pointing at the object, then it will be difficult or impossible to observe it.

Tracking mounts are especially useful for observing dim objects. By using a tracking mount, you can keep the telescope pointing at the object for long periods of time, which allows you to collect more light and observe the object more clearly.

To sum up, the reason why you can only see black through your telescope is because telescopes amplify light, not create it. If there is no light coming from an object, then there is nothing for the telescope to amplify. To observe dim objects, it is important to use filters and tracking mounts to help you collect more light.

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